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We are basically exporters. Our aim is to export the finest quality articles of fruits, vegetables of the most agricultural land in the world, to the world. We also export handicrafts of royal designed sub-continent style. We export finest quality of rock salt and articles made up of rock salt extracted from Himalayas’s salt mine of Khewra. Export of best quality sweets and delights of Pakistan is our specialty.

Our Exports

Fruits & Dry Fruits

We export fruits of sub-continent which are well known for their un-matchable taste in the world.

We export many types of mango, orange, guava, Banana, Peach and Lychee.

Dry Fruits of Pakistan are wold famous for their quality and taste. Dry fruits exported includes walnut, almond and pine nut from the largest pine nut forest in the world.


Vegetables of Pakistan are the most in their wild form and as natural as before. They are not artificially cultured in anyway and has all the natural goodness.
We export onion, garlic and garlic powder, green chili, red chili and red chili powder.




Pink himalayan salt in wooden scoop and rose quarz mortare on old wooden background

Rock Salt

Company exports lamps of Rock of Khewra salt mines in Himaliyan Range in Pakistan.

Pink salt or organic salt of premium quality directly extracted from mines of Khewra without any chemical treatment is also exported.

The most salty salt and healthy salt with in the world.

USB lamps made up of rock salt are also exported. Lamps comes in different mesmerizing shapes like square and pyramid and also in shape of animals including swan, rabbit and elephant.

Sohan Halwa & Delights

Multan exclusive and special sohan halwa and other Pakistanin traditional delights are exported. High quality and best taste in the world is guaranteed.

Pakistani sweets are world famous for their taste. Sweets and delights exported includes jams of various fruits(Murabba), gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Ras gullay, amarati, laddu, kalakand, Balushahi, Barfi and Pateesa. All prepared with natural ghee and cane sugar.



Handicrafts and clothing

Multani special blue pottery is exported. high quality and beautiful pots for decoration and kitchen use are exported.

We also export premium quality Khaddar, cotton and woolen clothes. Leather jackets, vaults, purses and other leather products are also available.



Rice Crop

High quality and highly nutritious rice of different types are exported.






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